To Have and To Hold and To Hang On the Wall

Please read carefully before inquiring-

Due to the high demand of our flower framing, please be sure to secure this service at least 2 weeks in advance. We are not able to book this service the week of or after the wedding is over. 


Lovelily would LOVE to press and frame your bouquet for you. We press each flower using a specific method depending on the texture and petal style. We do our best to create an even representation of the flowers + style from your bouquet. 

Some flowers are not able to press, while others press well but change colors as they age. It's a natural occurrence for dried flowers to continue to change as they age after being pressed. Some flowers will continue to change even after being framed. (This is especially true with pressed white flowers.)

Colors such as purples, plums, deep pinks, reds, and burgundies tend to keep their color a little bit better as they dry and age. We love dried flowers, and believe they are beautiful and lovely as they continue to dry, change, and age, but this is something to consider when deciding if we are a good fit for you! 



$200.00 plus tax and shipping for a 11x14 choice of frame and color. 

(Lovelily is no longer offering the 16x20 frame option. )

Custom Pressed + Framed Bridal Bouquet Inquiry