Elise |4.2019

"Courtlynn was absolutely amazing to work with. She had a vision that meshed so perfectly with my own. Never in a million years could I have dreamed up something as perfect as what she did for my wedding. My jaw literally dropped when I saw my bridal bouquet. Courtlynn was fantastic every step of the way and managed to create the MOST beautiful tree installation on THE windiest day of the year!!! I highly recommend Courtlynn and Lovelily to anyone and everyone!"

Cristen | 6.2018


Jaw dropping florals.

"When Courtlynn works her flower magic everything you envision turns out better that could have imagined! I gave her a few ideas of color palette and design concepts and let her take over from there, and I’m so happy I did because my wedding florals were stunning. I still get compliments on my wedding bouquet. I can’t thank Courtlynn enough for making my wedding day so special!!"

Andrea | 6.2017

 "Courtlynn is SO professional and
easy to work with. Above that the
passion and love that she puts into her
work is truly the best! She made my day
so special with her beautiful
arrangements! My bouquet was an absolute
dream! Hire her! You'll thank
yourself later!”

Hannah |6.2019

"Courtlynn with Lovelily Flowers brought my wedding flower vision to life even more beautifully than I could've imagined! She is the most warm, genuine, personable human. She was thorough in asking questions to get a clear idea of my specific desires for flowers down to the smallest details, and created a vision board with photos I had shared with her to better encapsulate my ideas/color palette/etc. She also worked/adjusted things so graciously in order to fit our budget! She is worth FAR more than she charges. I felt instantly like I could trust her creativity, and she incorporated so much more beauty into our wedding than we even hoped was possible. She has a true gift, and loved us incredibly well with it. We couldn't have asked for better."

Lauren | 5.2019

Made my Wedding a DREAM!

"Courtlynn was so amazing to work with! After our first visit she was able to put into words exactly what I wanted when all I had to describe it were a few Pinterest pictures! She responded to me every single time I made a tiny change and performed a flawless installation the day of! I would 100% recommend using her for your wedding or any event for that matter!"

Kara | 8.2018

Beautiful flowers!

Courtlynn is the best! I got so many compliments on my wedding day for my flowers. She totally understood my vision went above and beyond to make the day beautiful. She was flexible when we needed to make changes, and gave great advice when we needed help. I cannot recommend her enough!

Alyssa | 4.2019

Austin's Best Kept Secret!

"Courtlynn with Lovelily is beyond talented! I found her through a recommendation sheet given to me by my venue (shout out to The Carrington!) and I have absolutely no regrets! I gave her one photo of what I envisioned and she ran with it and exceeded my every expectation! She pulls off the best effortlessly organic arrangements and everyone was blown away with how beautiful the flowers were! She will be preserving my bouquet in a pressed frame and I cannot wait to have it as a forever reminder of how beautiful she made my wedding day."

Krista | 6.2018

Best florist ever

"Courtlynn is the sweetest person EVER! She made my flower dreams come to life in my wedding! The way she can take simple flowers and make them into something GORGEOUS is beyond words. My wedding day looked 10000000x better because of the love and care she put into making our bouquets, boutonnières, table florals, and HUGE alter piece of florals. It was gorgeous and I will cherish those pictures of Lovelily Flowers FOREVER. I also ordered a pressed flower frame of my bouquet and let me say it is SO WORTH IT! Every time I see my frame hanging on the wall it reminds me of our special day. I would highly recommend Lovelily Flowers to friends, family, ANYONE! You're amazing, Courtlynn, keep it up!"

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