A Little About Lovelily

Lovelily: "In a lovely way; amiably; in a manner to excite or inspire love."

The Story


Laura Watson Photography
Laura Watson Photography


Courtlynn is the owner and lead designer of Lovelily Flowers. She comes from a line of entrepreneurs, not to mention artists. She can hardly help but enlist herself into this life--who couldn’t with parents who painted their kitchen ceiling blue when she was a young girl?


She is inspired by colors and motivated by the chase. She perpetually parades around mixing color palettes and textures, incorporating seasonal blooms, and making flower dreams come true. With the zeal and precision of an Enneagram Type 1, Courtlynn is thrilled by the art of arranging flowers and invigorated by the hard work it demands.


She takes on local weddings as well as destinations! She has traveled to arrange weddings and loves to create in other corners of the country. 

Her goal is simply to allure all to enjoy the beauty that exists in the world as she gathers it in her hands.