Courtlynn is the owner and lead designer of Lovelily Flowers. She comes from a line of entrepreneurs, not to mention artists. She can hardly help but enlist herself into this life--who couldn’t with parents who painted their kitchen ceiling blue when she was a young girl?


She is inspired by colors and motivated by the chase. She perpetually parades around mixing color palettes and textures, incorporating seasonal blooms, and making flower dreams come true. With the zeal and precision of an Enneagram Type 1, Courtlynn is thrilled by the art of arranging flowers and invigorated by the hard work it demands.


Her studio is located in historic downtown Buda, Texas just outside of Austin. She takes on local weddings as well as destinations! She has traveled to arrange weddings and loves to create in other corners of the country. Her goal is simply to allure all to enjoy the beauty that exists in the world as she gathers it in her hands. 

The Story

Courtlynn Sue, an Austin-based botanical buff and a color enthusiast, bears the namesake and the vocation of her great grandmothers. Needless to say, she’s proud of her roots. 


Her childhood memories dance  with brilliant floral arrangements made by her great grandmother who would have flowers and greenery strewn about her den. Though she didn’t necessarily appreciate the floral arrays with the depth she does now, it was an artform that caught her early in its grasp. 


As a teenager, Courtlynn’s summers were spent in the peaks of the Rocky Mountains with her now-husband and his family. She would gather daily floral arrangements made of wildflowers and place them as a centerpiece on the Colorado cabin table. 


When she returned from these summers to the flatlands of Texas, the sprouts of her enticement broke through the soil. It was rhythmic for her: pulling together hues and shades, drawing them in, putting them on display. Like composing songs, she stacked and blended until they were in harmony. 


She was later hired by a local bakery to create flower arrangements for tables in-shop. She felt empowered by the owner who would swoon over the adorned tables and, in a fit of obsession with flowers, she began a social media account under the name Consider the Lilies. Her spirit for the floral industry grew as friends and family gathered and gasped at the artistry taking place. 


When Courtlynn’s undergraduate career took an unexpected turn, flowers took a remedial role. She slowly wakened to the thought that she could realistically invest her life and vocation in what she loved most. In other words, she did what she could hardly help but do.


She now works, and plays, under the name Lovelily. The name was born by a suggestion from Courtlynn’s mom and the serendipity of her inherited middle name, Sue, bearing the meaning “lily.” 


Courtlynn loves every bit of what her job entails. Through the blood of thorn pricks, the sweat of climbing ladders to enrich arches, and the tears shared by brides at the sight of her work, Courtlynn does precisely what she was made for--and does so in full bloom.